Exterior House Cleaning

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Get exterior house cleaning services in Kent, WA or surrounding areas

If your dingy siding has become the talk of the neighborhood, it reflects poorly on you as a homeowner. Don't be "that neighbor." Turn to Killer Clean, LLC for reliable exterior house cleaning services. We use industry-best techniques to safely and effectively remove dirt and grime from your siding.

Call our professional soft washing service today at 425-219-9122. We'll schedule a time to visit your home and put an end to the neighborhood gossip.

What can soft washing do for your home?

What can soft washing do for your home?

When it comes to removing dirt from vinyl, brick, wood and stucco, we've got the solution. When you hire us for a soft washing service, we'll use specialized cleaning solutions and a low-pressure spray to break down dirt on your home's exterior.

The benefits of soft washing include:

  • A lower risk of damaging your siding
  • Less labor and set-up time
  • Cost savings over pressure washing

If your home has lost its true colors, our crew can help.

Arrange for dependable exterior house cleaning service in Kent, WA by contacting us today.